Temple Casa understands the parental concern when it comes to their children looking for off-campus housing units. That’s why the Temple Casa does its best to ensure safety and answer any questions a parent or a guardian might have.

Should parents/guardians be concerned about off-campus student housing?

Yes! Temple Casa encourages students as well as parents/guardians to ask questions about safety. This is an important issue when it comes to selecting a rental unit. Before renting a student apartment, it’s recommended to:

  • Know the neighbors

  • The rental unit has working smoke detectors, fire exits, and other safety resources.

  • Is in a safe neighborhood

All of the rental units that Temple Casa has available take student safety seriously. The units aren’t only in a safe neighborhood but are also close to Temple University and other establishments.

Getting renter’s insurance

Renter’s insurance can help cover the loss of a student’s belongings in case of theft, flood, fire, etc. That’s why we encourage parents and students to contact the unit’s renter’s insurance provider. Feel free to ask us any questions you might have.

Tips parents/guardians can share before entering a student rental lease

Parents/guardians can offer a few tips before their loved one enters a student rental lease. They can help students realize the importance of:

  • Thoroughly inspecting the said apartment before signing a lease.

  • Always reviewing the lease very carefully before signing

  • Finding responsible roommates.

  • Knowing basic home maintenance

  • Being a good neighbor.

We encourage parents/guardians to check out the student rental unit their family member might be interested in. Our experienced Temple Casa staff is always on hand to answer all of your queries.

Parents/guardians can also be the guarantor or co-signer of a lease if they wish. By doing so, they’ll be responsible for paying the rent if the original applicant (the student) is unable to. They’ll also be responsible for paying for any damage done to the unit if the original applicant is unable to.

As every lease is different, we encourage you to carefully read the fine print and address any questions you might have.

We, at Temple Case, work to ensure that students are able to find affordable and safe renting units that not only offer them comfort but also a peace of mind for their parents/guardians.

Please, don’t hesitate to ask us any questions concerning the rental units, student safety, and more.