How can I schedule the day and time for picking up the apartment keys?

Before your move-in date, do contact TempleCasa to finalize the day and time you’ll be picking up the keys. This will also help us schedule a walkthrough of the said apartment with one of our representatives. Do keep in mind that: The walkthrough can take at least an hour so please make time. Please have all tenants be present during the walkthrough. For the completion of the leasing package, all necessary payments should be made. A proof of utilities should be had by tenants before they’re transferred to them.

Can get a pet once I become a tenant?

You’ll need to refer to your lease to see if the said apartment allows pets. After that you’ll need to contact TempleCasa for the required approvals as well as making the deposits before you can bring a pet into the property.

How to compete signing a lease?

For the completion of a lease, TempleCase requires that a joint lease be signed by all tenants. An application form (no fee) also needs to be submitted. Furthermore, the co-signer form needs to be filled out too. A security deposit along with last month’s rent is also required. Depending on the date you decide to move in, the first month’s rent might need to be deposited. Please, talk to a TempleCasa representative if you have any queries.

What should I do if I want to move our or sublet the apartment?

You’ll need to contact TempleCasa to receive exact requirements as well as approval from the landlord. All of the tenants will have to sign a new lease for creating a new contract. Appropriate forms will need to be filled out by the new tenant. A security deposit will also have to be paid by the new tenant along with last month’s rent.

When will I receive back my Security Deposit?

Under Philadelphia PA law, a security deposit must be returned by a landlord within 30 days after the tenant has moved out, provides proof of payment of utilities, has returned the key, and surrenders the said rental property. Take note that charges for any damages will be taken out of the deposit.

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