Temple Casa is a Philadelphia, PA-based company.

It was established by Abdel Ghalayini, known to his loving family and friends as AG.

Being a 1988 bachelor’s degree graduate in Civil Engineering from Temple University, Abdel has dedicated his time to serving the prestigious Temple University and its students.

It all started after he worked in NJ for a few years while still living in North Philly. AG got the opportunity to buy his first home on Carlisle Street, and he did! After a few more years, he got another opportunity to purchase a house in the same area. He bought it!

In a short period, AG and a few of his partners ended up accumulating 30 properties around Temple University.

AG has been a member of the community for the past 35 years, and thus, he has a very impressive insight into student life. He created TempleCasa to help students find safe and affordable rental housing while they pursue their academic goals.

Feel free to contact AG and let him help you find a TempleCasa rental!

Why TempleCasa

Your experience at The Northside Rental is our core focus. That’s why we’ve dedicated ourselves to creating an exciting and supportive community with unique residential life programs designed to help you live, learn and grow.

We’re sure to find you a suitable house to live in. All of our units offer the best amenities and are in close vicinity to Temple University.