Temple University is in the heart of Philadelphia and contains 17 schools and colleges on nine campuses with 38,000 students.

At North side Rentals is just located next to Temple’s Main Campus

There’s no better place to be than The Northside Rental! We’re located right on the north of campus. This means no waiting for shuttles, easy access to classrooms and waking up 10 minutes before your morning classes! With stylish apartments, this is right where you want to be!

TempleCasa’s objective is to offer a reliable connection between Temple University students and safe, affordable rental housing that provides what they’re looking for. We have a variety of rental units that are sure to cater to numerous students’ needs.

Trying to find suitable housing can be tough for students, and we understand the hardships students have to go through.

With TempleCasa you won’t have to settle for less. Even as a student you can live in an affordable rental unit that offers all the amenities. We have units that offer the best of utilities without being heavy on your pockets.

Why Philadelphia’s Temple University?

Being the United States’ fifth largest city, Philadelphia is no doubt one of the best places for you to study, find work, and have a good time. This city offers some of the best resources to eager individuals. You’ll find renowned museums, a bustling urban life, restaurants you can’t say no to, and so much more. So, it makes sense for you to pursue your academic goals by studying at Temple University, Philadelphia.

Philadelphia’s Temple University boasts academic levels that are well renowned. This university was founded by Russell Conwell back in 1884. During the American Civil War, Mr. Conwell served in the Union Army. He was also a Yale-educated Boston lawyer, ordained Baptist minister, and an orator.

If you prefer to study in your own time and at your own speed then one of our e-learning packages may be right up your street.

Off-Campus living vs. Dorms

  • A Sense of Independence – Living off-campus helps build a sense of independence in students as they take control of their lives. Signing a lease, paying bills, taking care of the rental unit, etc. helps nurture skills students will continue using later in life.

  • Living with Friend – You might have heard stories about being stuck with a roommate you just can get along with. While private dorm rooms are available in university campuses, they can be tough to get. However, by living off-campus you can choose a rental unit with a group of friends, knowing that you’ll be with people you respect and feel comfortable around.

    TempleCasa can help you find the perfect rental unit that’ll be more than spacious for you and your friends.

  • Closer to what Philadelphia has to Offer – While Temple University has a lot of student organizations which oversee on-campus activities concerning sports, arts, music, etc. the university’s environment is still closed off from the rest of Philadelphia if you decide to live in a dorm room.

Let TempleCasa help you make a home in Philadelphia and concentrate on your student life without having to worry about inconvenient living conditions.

Your experience at The Northside Rental is our core focus. That’s why we’ve dedicated ourselves to creating an exciting and supportive community with unique residential life programs designed to help you live, learn and grow.

We’re sure to find you a suitable house to live in. All of our units offer the best amenities and are in close vicinity to Temple University.